About the RI Seafood Marketing Collaborative

Quahog's Shore

We love our seafood in Rhode Island. It supports our economy, traditions, and families and is at the heart of our popular local food scene.

When You Buy RI Seafood Products, You Know It's Truly Local - Landed Right Here in The Ocean State

The RI Seafood Brand uniquely identifies Rhode Island seafood in the marketplace. It is your guarantee that the seafood you purchase is fresh, local and landed in the Ocean State. You’ll find RI Seafood products in grocery stores and restaurants at festivals and farmers’ markets. Ask for it where you dine and shop!

Helping The Waterfront Thrive

Locally caught or cultured seafood isn't just good for the consumer; it also goes a long way towards boosting the local economy and opens doors to new markets and opportunities. Fishermen, aqua culturists, local distributors, retailers and restaurateurs all benefit. The food tourism industry has much untapped potential.

How the RI Seafood Brand Started

They call Rhode Island the Ocean State for a reason. Between our ocean frontage and Narragansett Bay, we are blessed with instant access to waters that are teeming with many species of fresh fish. Our goal is to inform you what those species are, tell you where you can get them and suggest ways to cook them. From ocean to table, it just doesn't get any fresher than that.


The Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative, chaired by the RI Department of Environmental Management, was established by the Rhode Island General Assembly in 2011. The objective of the Collaborative is to support local fishermen and small businesses and to increase awareness and consumption by the public of locally fished species.

The RI Seafood Logo is at the heart of the seafood marketing campaign launched by the Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative. The Collaborative is actively engaged in a host of programs and activities aimed at fostering increased interest in and demand for local seafood products. In addition to developing and trademarking the Logo, the Collaborative has launched this website to serve as the focal point for the marketing campaign.

The Logo may be used, upon application to the RI Department of Environmental Management, to identify and promote seafood landed in Rhode Island by commercial fishermen, as well as seafood grown in Rhode Island waters by commercial farmers.


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