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EcoRI: Fishermen’s Tales Illustrate R.I.’s Changing Seaside Landscape Rhode Island is often sold for its connection to the ocean; advertisements show oceanfront hotel views, beachside tiki bars and calamari hot out of the fryer with rings of neon-green pickled peppers. But dive beneath the surface — under the clam’s casino, the umbrella-studded beaches, the chowder festivals — and what emerges is a more nuanced picture of the Ocean State’s fishing way of life.

EcoRI: Survey Says Life in Narragansett Bay Rapidly Changing Monthly trawl records ecosystem transformation in some of the fastest-warming waters on the planet

EcoRI: Ocean State’s Most Abundant Fish Slowly Finds Local Tables Scup is one of the most plentiful fish in Narragansett Bay, yet many Rhode Islanders have never heard of it, let alone tasted one.

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