Quahog Week Toolkit for Venue Participation

We are thrilled to have you on board for the 8th Annual Quahog Week! Quahog Week highlights the many restaurants, markets, fishermen, and food-based businesses committed to supporting and growing Rhode Island's local food economy, with special emphasis on quahogs. We’re looking for your participation and support in the continued effort to grow this critical sector. The Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative created the initiative in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and the Rhode Island Shellfishermen’s Association.


All participating restaurants and markets will be prominently featured on SeafoodRI.com and across multiple social media channels affiliated with the RI Seafood Marketing Collaborative. Participants may also be included in media coverage of the event. Participants will also receive promotional materials to help generate business.


Our local food system supports more than 60,000 jobs and is a key driver in attracting tourism to the Ocean State. As quahogs are plentiful in Narraganset Bay year-round, they Quahogs are plentiful in Narraganset Bay year-round, making them perfect ingredients in myriad recipes, including stuffies, hearty chowders, soups, various pasta dishes, and more.

Let’s work together to spread awareness of Rhode Island’s incredible seafood bounty, the talented chefs who prepare quahogs in so many scrumptious ways, and our fabulous markets that steer customers toward local Rhode Island seafood!

  1. Submit the participation form

    During Quahog Week, restaurants and markets across Rhode Island will celebrate this sustainable resource and its year-round availability by featuring a quahog dish using clams harvested from Rhode Island waters on their menu. Simply fill out the restaurant participation entry form below (it’s free), spread the word, and we’ll do the rest.


    Venue Participation Form
  2. Source local clams

    Please ensure that your participation is based on using Rhode Island quahogs for one or more featured items and/or specials on your menu during Quahog Week.

  3. Spread the word!

    This digital toolkit is designed to give you the tools you need to promote and host a successful Quahog Week.

    Flyers & Facts (Updated Materials Coming Soon!)

    Social Media and Website Graphics

    Quahog Week Promo with the words "Keep Clam and Quahog On"
    Quahog Week Promo with the words "Keep Clam and Quahog On"
    Quahog Week Promo listing out reasons to eat clams
    Quahog Week Promo listing out facts about RI clams
    Quahog Week Promo with hands holding clams and the words "Dine, Support and Celebrate RI's Favorite Clam"
    Quahog Week Postcard
    Pile of clams


Contact us at dem.riseafood@dem.ri.gov